Messy Color™ Waimea Misty Ltd Run

5115005 -

Waimea Misty Ltd Run (5115005)<br />A teal misty opal.

A teal misty opal.

Left to right: Waimea Misty, Waimea Milky. – Claudia Eidenbenz

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CiM Waimea
Jenefer Ham
CiM Waimea Misty
Carol Ann Savage
CiM Waimea Misty
Debora Cox
CiM Waimea Misty
Angela Dose

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Waimea Misty/Milky was an attempt to make our old color 404 Jade Palace into a misty/milky; the resulting color turned out very similar to Consuelo Misty/Milky.

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"I love this unique colour! Left to right pairs: 1/ Waimea Misty encased in SuperClear, rolled in frit and wrapped in fine silver wire 2/ Waimea Misty, dichro, SuperClear 3/ Waimea Misty, frit, SuperClear."
Sandra Beingessner
"Left to right:  1/ Pair-Waimea Misty encased in SuperClear, wrapped in Ebony & Ivory and fine silver wire 2/ Three spacers encased in SuperClear  3/ Floral Waimea Misty and white on clear base  4/ Raised dots-Waimea Misty base, SuperClear and Waimea dots."
Sandra Beingessner
"Waimea Misty is a Hawaiian beach teal color that is easy to work with; not shocky; no bubbling or scum. Did not react with ivory."
Beth Swain
"I made a sculptural bird bead with Waimea Misty. I began with a clear 'core' body and encased in Waimea Misty. This gives an opportunity to see encasement. The head, wings and tail were added straight from the rod. I used Reichenbach Deep Black for the base of the beak followed by Effetre Pastel Yellow. The eyes are also Reichenbach Deep Black."
Kim Fields
Left to right: Waimea Misty, Waimea Milky.
Claudia Eidenbenz
Left to right: Waimea Misty, Waimea Milky.
Claudia Eidenbenz