Messy Color™ Elegance Ltd Run

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Elegance Ltd Run (511931)<br />A bubble gum pink that opacifies as you work it.

A bubble gum pink that opacifies as you work it.

"I struggled with this fun bubble gum pink. I did get some devitrifying as I did with Peony. I love natural stones so I like a little bit of cloudy streaks. Working quickly gave me a clearer look. Cool flame still gave me some devitrifying but probably due to the longer flame time. I do love the colour. A fun summer shade." – Jean Daniels

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CiM Elegance
Carol Ann Savage
CiM Elegance
Anna Miller
The pillow has enamels over CiM Elegance.  The ring has no other color added.
Heather Sellers
CiM Elegance
Carol Ann Savage
CiM Elegance
Regis Teixera
CiM Elegance
Jolene Wolfe

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Testers had mixed experiences working with Elegance. Many reported that the longer you worked with Elegance, the more it opacified. Some testers experienced devit. Please read the wide variety of testing results on this page prior to purchasing.
"I had a strange thing happen with Elegance. Despite similar working methods, two beads came out opaque and two came out transparent." – Suzanne Cancilla-Fox
"Elegance is a beautiful warm transparent pink described as an opal. Unfortunately, I didn’t get past the first wrap. It melted easily revealing that shimmery opalescence as it wrapped but it immediately started to form nasty bubbles in a neutral flame without pre-heating. Even nipping off the end didn’t help. Lengthy preheating helped get a few wraps on clear but once I started melting it in, it developed scumminess instead, even working with an oxy rich cool flame, way out. It wasn’t a shocky glass so I’m guessing it was just a rogue rod or maybe it was indeed just me? Other testers have made fabulous beads from this glass so one to try again." – Bianca Gruber
  • Special thanks to Claudia Eidenbenz for the photo in this section.

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"Elegance is a delicious cotton candy pink shade. The rods are more translucent as it appears to opacify a little during long working in the flame. I made a flower focal and a gummy bear. The focal was worked much longer then the gummy bear, and the gummy bear stayed more translucent."
Anna Miller
"I decided to complete a controlled experiment. I have 2 kilns running when I am making beads. Both are started at the same time and beads with silver glass are placed in my right hand kiln leaving the left side kiln for non silver glass beads. At the end of my day, I created two sets of spacers made from Elegance. Each were made within 5 min of each other. One mandrel of 3 was placed in the right hand kiln, the other mandrel of 3 spacers in the left kiln. Both kilns were ramped down at the same rate and durations. The spacers placed in the kiln with other silver glass beads turned opaque. The spacers in the 'non-silver glass' environment kiln remained translucent. Coincidence or does exposed silver glass create a kiln environment that changes the opacity of a glass? A little mystery that may need more testing." Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"My 'thing' is to test with silver glass, most notably Double Helix, so I embarked on creating this set of beads with high hopes. Elegance is described as an opalescent pink. Will I be able to maintain the opalescence? I consulted with the CiM testing team and found that some were successful in maintaining the glass quality and translucency while others appeared to create more opaque pink beads. This set of crystal and round shapes are the result of my tests. Layers of CiM Elegance, Effetre Super Clear, Double Helix Aurae, and 99% silver wire with a final encasement of Super Clear were shaped into crystal and round beads. Was it the shaping of the beads that caused the pink glass to turn opaque? I definitely need to come to a better experiment and hypothesis on this new pink glass." Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
“This gorgeous vibrant pink is reminiscent of last year’s Peony. I love it! I pre-warmed the rod to avoid any shockiness and had no issues at all. Although the rod is transparent, it becomes more translucent as you work it. Shown here in rod form, as a sculpted flower, over silver foil, as a spacer bead and as a hollow heart.”
Janet Evans
"I struggled with this fun bubble gum pink. I did get some devitrifying as I did with Peony. I love natural stones so I like a little bit of cloudy streaks. Working quickly gave me a clearer look. Cool flame still gave me some devitrifying but probably due to the longer flame time. I do love the colour. A fun summer shade."
Jean Daniels
"Beautiful in rod form and finished beads, however the colour can become more opaque the longer you work it. This can be used to your advantage and planned into bead designs to detemine how translucent or opaque you want your finished beads to be. Colour is divine, recommend pre heating the rod."
Juliette Mullett
"Elegance is a bright, semi-transparent bubblegum pink. Was hoping it would stay clear but not mad about how it turned out! Easy to work and fills a gap in the palette."
Bling Squared Cute Glass
"Elegance was a bit of a diva to work with. While it truly is a beautiful pink, it gave me a bit of a hard time when I blew it. The first item on the left is a blown glass vessel. At first, I was impressed at how easy it was to blow, but then I quickly noted that part of the bubble had devitrified. I had to deconstruct part of the vessel by plucking away the cloudy looking area with tweezers. I then re-melted it and added a layer of pink dichroic glass. It turned out lovely in the end. The second item is a pink bird. One wing scorched a little bit. I had to pluck that part off and try again. My third attempt was to quickly make a tiny blown glass vessel. Once again—devitrification. The fourth set is of two solid glass beads. These turned out perfectly. In summary, from my experience, Elegance is not suited for blowing and doesn’t like to be held in the fire very long."
Susan Parry
"Elegance is a beautiful color and very easy to apply. Love it."
Carol Ann Savage
"This is 931 Elegance. It is a brilliant transparent pink, which is initially clear and if you don't work it too much, it will stay transparent. But if you work it with lots of heating and cooling cycles then it starts to opacify. It really is an extraordinarily pretty shade of pink. Bravo CiM."
Dwyn Tomlinson
"Let’s start off with Elegance- this color intrigued me the most because I suspected based on preliminary information that it might just give me that lovely bubblegum pink color I was craving! I personally found it to be a great color to work with. I work pretty low and slow with a more oxidising flame and I got zero bubbling or scumming! This color definitely needs time to bloom! Since I spend quite some time heating and cooling throughout making my beads, it gave this color time to show me what it is capable of! As you can see in the photos it has almost a moonstone halo like effect but pretty consistent color overall."
Michelle Veizaga
"I made a sculptural bird bead with Elegance. It’s a beautiful hot pink. The color opacified as I used it, however some of the ‘striking’ was inconsistent which left some transparent spots while the rest was opaque. Once the bead was completed, I tried to restrike it in the flame, but was unsuccessful. I began with a clear ‘core’ body and then encased in Elegance. This gives an opportunity to see encasement with the color. The head, wings and tail were added straight from the rod. I used Reichenbach Deep Black for the base of the beak followed by Effetre Pastel Yellow. The eyes were also Reichenbach Deep Black."
Kim Fields
This utterly lovely soft pastel pink opal glass is called Elegance. It's so beautiful! Like all premium pink glass rods, I imagine Elegance will have a premium price tag attached, but oh boy is this one special!" See more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.
Jolene Wolfe
"The body of the heart is Inca Rose, and while you can’t really see them, there are polka dots of Elegance there . . . I was testing to see if the Elegance glass would go a bit more opaque with extended heating and shaping and it didn’t . . . but I still think the bead is fun!"
Angela Dose
"This rod was transparent and then slowly opacified the longer I worked the glass. By the time I finished this bead the pink was completely opaque and very similar in tone to Gelly's Sty. The pink didn't react badly to the silvered ivory [YAY!] but it did develop a crack. So something about this glass didn't like encasing or being encased by silvered ivory. "
Joy Munshower
"Looking at the pictures, you can see that Elegance has a wonderful luminous quality. Comparing it to Dollhouse Misty & Milky, you can see that it has definite warmer tones. It's a very dreamy shade of pink, certainly one for all the romantics out there. Who needs rose tinted glasses when we have Elegance!"
Trudi Doherty
Left to right: Peony, Elegance.
Claudia Eidenbenz