Messy Color™ Ocelot Ltd Run

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Ocelot Ltd Run (511230)<br />A clear base with orange, yellow, & black streamers.

A clear base with orange, yellow, & black streamers.

"Yellow, orange, and dark brown stripes in an overall amber colour. Love this easy melting glass." – Jean Daniels

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CiM Ocelot
Michelle Veizaga
CiM Ocelot
Jenefer Ham
CiM Ocelot
Joy Munshower
CiM Ocelot
Pauline Chevalier
CiM Ocelot
Claudia Eidenbenz
CiM Ocelot
Pauline Chevalier

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Ocelot is clear with 203 Pimento, 305 Sunflower, and 820 Hades streamers.

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"I decided to pair Ocelot with a complementary brown glass from my CiM stash - Brown Eyed Girl. This set of tapered barrels used Ocelot as the focal centre stripe with ends of Brown Eyed Girl. I am pleased with how the streamers remained clear and visible with no smearing nor did they disappear or blend together. Both glasses melted smoothly and were a pleasure to work with." Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"I made a gather of CiM clear, encased that in Ocelot, changed axis, twisted, and finished shaping the marble. The glass behaved beautifully. My only desire would be to have the threads themselves be a bit thicker. I think I was able to showcase the colors well, but thicker threads would show better."
Chris Haussler
"Ocelot is a brilliant streamer colour from CiM. The experimentation with different colour combos over the past couple of years have clearly paid off. All the colours in Ocelot stand their ground and don’t wash out when melted. My photo shows two self coloured spacers on the left, Ocelot over white in the middle and Ocelot over clear on the right. I found it interesting that in my purely Ocelot spacers the yellow seems to have spread much more giving them an overall yellow tone. There’s a lot of potential with this glass so I will definitely be experimenting with it some more! [Stripy sheep anyone?!]"
Heather Johnson
"The first bead is a hollow blown glass bead that I made on a puffy mandrel. The second bead shows a blown glass vessel made with Ocelot and acid yellow. When I initially looked at the untouched rod, the color yellow stood out to me more than any of the others. After blowing, the yellow seems to take a back seat to the other colors in the glass. The next beads are Ocelot over white, Ocelot over itself more than once, and one pass of Ocelot all by itself. Of the streamers I’ve tried so far, I like Ocelot because the colorful strands really stand out."
Susan Parry
"After testing last year's bunch of somewhat underwhelming streamer rods, I was prepared to be disappointed by this year's offering. I am happy to report that Ocelot is vibrant and full of colour! The warm tones of orange, yellow and brown are much more vivid than in previous offerings and have a lovely effect when layered over other glass or on its own. The glass is easy to work, not too stiff or too soupy, and I had no issues with shockiness. Ocelot is shown here layered over white, over silver foil, & over Aloha."
Janet Evans
"Yellow, orange, and dark brown stripes in an overall amber colour. Love this easy melting glass."
Jean Daniels
"Ocelot looks like a rework of CiM Bird's Nest but with more saturated orange, yellow and black stripes. Very juicy! Little spacer beads hold their vibrant stripes well. Ocelot melts nicely with no shocking. One for my shopping list!"
Bianca Gruber
"Ocelot is a 'streamer' color with stripes of orange, yellow, and black. The stripes seem thicker and more robust than prior releases. I definitely like this a lot more, it retains more of the pattern, which you can see on the back of the fish and in the spacer."
Dwyn Tomlinson
"Ocelot is a streamer made with a clear core and decorated with yellow, orange and black. The colours have lots of definition, they showed up well as I was working and the bead came out of the kiln exactly as I expected!"
Trudi Doherty
“I made a sculptural bird bead with Ocelot. Very fun and liked the result. Each color stayed crisp and readable. It’s a nice addition to the CiM streamer line. I began with a clear ‘core’ body and then encased in Ocelot. This gives an opportunity to see encasement with the color. The head, wings and tail were added straight from the rod. I used Reichenbach Deep Black for the base of the beak followed by Effetre Pastel Yellow. The eyes were also Reichenbach Deep Black.”
Kim Fields
"Ocelot is pretty bold and snazzy! All of the fun of a streamer color in a fun jungle cat color combination!"
Joy Munshower
"Ocelot: a great density of colors and the perfect diameter of stringers in the rod. Very nice to work with!"
Jenefer Ham