Messy Color™ Almandine Ltd Run

511126 -

Almandine Ltd Run (511126)<br />A dark, rich wine red.

A dark, rich wine red.

Almandine with gold. – Pauline Chevalier

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CiM Almandine
Pauline Chevalier
CiM Almandine
Dwyn Tomlinson
CiM Almandine
Joy Munshower

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Almandine is available exclusively at L'Age du Verre in France.
  • Almandine is our 539 Jet Stream formula with red & pink cloudy transparent pigment added.
  • Many testers report that our cloudy transparents are prone to shockiness or breakage. **Please pre-warm / pre-anneal rods accordingly.**

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Almandine with gold.
Pauline Chevalier
"Almandine is another cloudy transparent. It’s the same as Lake Baikal but with way more red pigment which has resulted in this burgundy kind of colour. Unusual and very nice. Again, no working issues. The beads were photographed indoors in natural daylight." Read more at Laura's blog.
Laura Sparling
"I made one big bead with Almandine wrapped on itself, on Effetre white, on Effetre super clear and on Effetre black. It turned out interesting but for me, it’s a muddy color so not a favorite."
Jenefer Ham
"Almandine is one of what CiM call their Cloudy transparent range. Cloudy transparents are clear glass rods that contain pigments in colours that you just don't normally see in the 104 glass palette. The colour of Almandine makes me think of mulled wine or lipstick." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.
Jolene Wolfe
"Almandine is a dark rich red wine colour. Would be nice to have this as a regular colour."
Suzy Hannabuss
"Almandine looks like a muddy version of purple. It flowed easily over a white blown glass vessel. On the plus side, it was not shocky poppy."
Susan Parry