Messy Color™ Grand Canyon Ltd Run

511736 -

Grand Canyon Ltd Run (511736)<br />An opaque brownish yellow with blue streamers.

An opaque brownish yellow with blue streamers.

"A neutral opaque warm tan with blue streaks. Very nice." – Kim Fields

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CiM Grand Canyon
Claudia Eidenbenz
CiM Grand Canyon as spacers and as a base for DH Triton
Janet Evans
CiM Grand Canyon
Dwyn Tomlinson
CiM Grand Canyon
Heather Johnson
CiM Grand Canyon
Joy Munshower
CiM Grand Canyon [top] and Starry Night [bottom]
Laurie Nessel

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Grand Canyon is our 351 Stone Ground formula with 571 Cornflower blue streamers.
"In simple round beads I did not really notice the blue streaks. Not shocky and no issues with bubbling or scumming." – Terri Herron
"Grand Canyon is definitely the darkest. It's warm and rich and earthy. Starry Night is the lightest, palest and most blue. It's soft and more subtle. Pachamama sits somewhere in the middle. It's the most green/yellow in hue." – Heather Johnson
  • Special thanks to Heather Johnson for the photo in this section.

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“Beads at bottom from left to right: Canoe, Serengeti, and Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon has lots of colourful striations of ochre, orange, yellow, and browns like the levels of natural sandstone. This is going to be my go-to for many applications. Got to try some leaves.”
Jean Daniels
“Grand Canyon [right half of bead] is a darker version of, and pairs beautifully with, Starry Night [left half of bead]. The Cornflower canes complement the Stone Ground matrix and creates a green tinge where the colors start to blend after being blasted with the flame [the area around the stamp is superheated]. The Stone Ground exhibits gorgeous silver striking tendencies, ranging from opal yellow to deep peach.”
Laurie Nessel
"Love it! I see so many uses for this color."
Suzanne Cancilla-Fox
"Grand Canyon is sort of an ochre-y gold with hints of orange and streaks of bluey greeny. While I am not an earth-tones kind of person, it was fun to work with this glass and watch the colours come out! The photo shows off the colours in a squished disc."
Janet Evans
"Grand Canyon is a lovely sandy-earthy colour that darkens the more it is worked and works well with silver glass. I preheated this rod, once prewarmed it melted like butter. This colour does seem to darken when worked for longer periods of time and also darkens when used with silver glass [upon reduction]. A lovely colour which for me is similar to Canyon de Chelly."
Juliette Mullett
"A neutral opaque warm tan with blue streaks. Very nice."
Kim Fields
"A 'richer' version of Pachamama from last year, I really like Grand Canyon! It's a more reactive base colour so you can really push the range of tones and hues. I found you can achieve different looks depending on how you apply the glass. If you flatten and smush [can't think of a better word right now!] the molten glass before applying it to the mandrel you'll get a more varied look with more of the blue showing through. You can see what I mean by "smushing" the glass in this photo. Pull straight from the rod for a more uniform look with finer lines. It really reminds me of layers of sedimentary rock and the inner geologist in me really likes that. Always said if I hadn't studied Fine Art at uni I probably would have studied geology! Melted smoothly with no shockiness. Really nice to work with."
Heather Johnson
Left to right: Grand Canyon, Starry Night, and Pachamama.
Suzy Hannabuss
"The working notes say this has a base of Stone Ground formula with 571 Cornflower blue streamers. The color is beautiful and reminds me of silver cinnamon and rattan from ASK but without the iridescent sheen on the surface when you reduce it. I found it to be the perfect puppy color and it is a dream to sculpt."
Lori Peterson
"I read the description of Grand Canyon AFTER I’d made my test beads. 'Oh!' I said to myself. And went back to look for blue streaks. Didn’t really see any, but that may have just been my rod. I tried some clear dots on top and there was no discernible difference between Effetre super clear dots and Zephyr dots. I swiped on some Clio to see if it did anything exotic, then encased with Zephyr."
Jenefer Ham