Messy Color™ Sea Anemone Ltd Run

511221 -

Sea Anemone Ltd Run (511221)<br />A transparent light purple with reddish orange, yellow, green, and white streamers.

A transparent light purple with reddish orange, yellow, green, and white streamers.

"Sea Anemone is a delicate pink. I think it works best with a white or silver foil core." – Janet Evans

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CiM Sea Anemone
Heather Johnson
CiM Sea Anemone
Janet Evans
CiM Sea Anemone
Lori Lochner
CiM Sea Anemone
Joy Munshower
CiM Sea Anemone
Jennifer Borek
CiM Sea Anemone
Claudia Eidenbenz

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Sea Anemone is 637 Ice Grape with 305 Sunflower, 203 Pimento, 419 Iguana, & 835 Peace streamers.

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"This is Sea Anemone, which appears to be thin strips of orange and red, but when mashed has an overall appearance of pink. That was a surprise! I'm quite pleased with how these turned out!"
Dwyn Tomlinson
"A single rod condensed down. It worked beautifully. No problems at all."
Chris Haussler
"I like the scribbled ethereal quality of the streamer canes but unfortunately the colors fade when used in a piece unless they contain darker contrasts. I layered the streamers over opaque light colors and blew them into a hollow bead. No compatibility problems between glasses and enamels. Sea Anemone has a slight blue grey cast that works nicely over the pale mottled base colors."
Lori Lochner
"Sea Anemone is a delicate pink. I think it works best with a white or silver foil core."
Janet Evans
“The new CiM Streamer glasses are all transparent with stripes of various opaque colours running the length of the rod. When used they result in ribbons and wisps of colour suspended in the glass. I’ve put these together in one post because usage wise the Streamers are all pretty much the same. They melt smoothly with no shocking, hazing or bubbling. Great to work with. This glass needs to be used carefully to get the best out of it. You can’t just slap it on the mandrel all cattywampus and expect it to look great. You need to wrap it or layer it on with care so that the streamers can stream. I feel that this glass lends itself perfectly to discs and hollows due to the way these types of beads are constructed. I opted for hollow beads and all of the ones pictured were made with the two disc method, not blown.” Read more at Laura’s blog.
Laura Sparling
"Sea Anemone is very cheery! I like it! Good ratio of color to rod. These beads are Sea Anemone on Peace and just Sea Anemone."
Jenefer Ham
"The 'Streamer' colors like Sea Anemone make playful, fun beads. I made a simple spacer bead. I also made a second bead with a base of Effetre Super Clear. The left side was then encased in Effetre white to represent the opaque, the middle in CiM Marshmallow to represent the translucent, and finally the right remained clear to represent the transparent. Sea Anemone was then wound onto this bead. This gives the opportunity to see encasement in a variety of common beadmaking situations."
Kim Fields
"Sea Anemone is a streamer glass with a base of pale purple and ribbons of red, orange, green and white running through it. The white doesn't show as white as it's basically encased by the lilac colour of the main glass. These beads are all over a small core of white. I think this helps show the colours off better. I reckon this one will look stunning when combined with other colours in focal beads. It's going to really add a bit of extra interest. It melts smoothly with no shockiness so really lovely to work with."
Heather Johnson
"Sea Anemone is nice for wound disc beads, it gives them nice detail."
Anna Miller
"As CiM expanded their line of streamer glass this year, testers were provided a sample rod of both the streamer and the base glass used in its production. This bead set showcases the differences in the two rods. Two hollow beads were created with the Sea Anemone streamer. Note the streams of CiM colors: Sunflower, Pimento, Iguana and Peace over a base glass of Ice Grape." Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"These heart beads were made with a core of Effetre black glass encased with Sea Anemone. It's not easy to see from this picture, but with Sea Anemone the fine lines [streamers] are encased within very pale purple glass rather than clear glass like Prometheus." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.
Jolene Wolfe
"I used the various streamer rods to make birdy bodies. The glass makes pleasant wispy swirls in the transparent glass. I rotated the rod fairly slowly while in the flame to make the base beads. The wings, beak, and tail are clear and the head is lightly reduced Clio. [Left to right: Sea Anemone, Prometheus, Solar Storm, Bird's Nest.]"
Lori Peterson