Messy Color™ Stonewashed Ltd Run

511580 -

Stonewashed Ltd Run (511580)<br />A soft denim blue cloudy transparent.

A soft denim blue cloudy transparent.

"The Stonewashed was shocky, but the color! I would happily pick up chunks and pull stringer to get that blue. So I did. I will try annealing the rod and see if that helps." – Lori Peterson

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CiM Stonewashed
Chris Haussler
CiM Stonewashed
Janet Evans
CiM Stonewashed & Lapis with DH Notos & Zephyr
Darlene Collette
CiM Stonewashed
Joy Munshower
CiM Stonewashed
Carol Ann Savage
CiM Stonewashed
Trudi Doherty

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Stonewashed is a cloudy transparent. Many testers report that our cloudy transparents are prone to shockiness or breakage. **Please pre-warm / pre-anneal rods accordingly.**
"Very shocky, strongly recommend you pre-warm this colour." – Juliette Mullett

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"The videos and other photos I see from people of Stonewashed make it look like a really glorious blue, and I see that even my own photos tend to make it look like a really wonderful shade of blue. In real life, it is more in keeping with its name, a stone washed denim colour, that is a blue-grey. The rod I tried was quite shocky, but not everyone is finding that."
Dwyn Tomlinson
"I pulled some stringer from the middle of one Stonewashed rod with no problem, but heating the rods from the end was so shocky, I had to preheat them on the hotplate. Other than the shockiness, Stonewashed handled nicely."
Laurie Nessel
Check out Maria's YouTube demo making an snorkeler with Stonewashed.
Maria Schoenenberger
"I found Stonewashed to be a lovely shifting color depending upon the light. The striations add some interest and depth to the bead. Warm carefully as my rod was definitely shocky."
Carol Ann Savage
"Stonewashed is a soft translucent denim blue. It’s shown here as a base bead with DH Triton. I had no issues with shockiness or encasing it and it played nicely with the silver glass."
Janet Evans
“Stonewashed was a bit shocky. It needs to be treated with care. The flame needs to be kept off the section being thinned, and the piece needs to be moved away from the torch while flame-cutting. If the thinned section is in the flame or too close to the torch, it will scum up almost 100% of the time. The nib remaining after flame-cutting needs to be lightly heated and pressed into the body of the piece. Scummy areas can be plucked out. It’s like Goldilocks- the flame can’t be too oxidized or the glass is likely to get scummy. But it can’t be too reduced or the glass carbonizes. You need to dial in the perfect flame. The cloudy transparents do have just the right amount of viscosity to be perfect for sculpting. With very little heating, the glass is ready to accept manipulation, yet stiff enough to hold the details as long as you don’t accidentally hit it with the flame too long. There is a short learning curve to get the timing down.”
Laurie Nessel
"The top bead is a black bead with two layers of Stonewashed and added silvered ivory stringers. It didn’t really show up. I thought maybe the pigment would show up against the dark- but no, not really. Otherwise, it is a nice color. It has a nice glow."
Jenefer Ham
"Stonewashed is a cloudy transparent blue. This bead set was created using Stonewashed as the base glass. Layered dots of CiM Lapis were layered with Double Helix Notos, a super saturated silver luster reduction glass. Clear portal dots of Double Helix Zephyr were added to capture the metallic reduction shine of the silver glass. A couple of spacers of Stonewashed as well as Notos spacer beads are included to complete the set. I did experience some shockiness in melting Stonewashed, but this is expected from the cloudy transparents from time to time. Working cool and patience allows me to pull the goodness from this denim colored glass!" Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"Stonewashed is a 'cloudy transparent' similar to Heather, Watermelon, and Chocolate. A really nice colour very reminiscent of stonewashed denim so the name is perfect. I love layering this type of glass up to create streaky lines but it works very well on its own as well. I did find Stonewashed slightly shocky [as with Chocolate last year] but nothing that couldn't be easily overcome. Left bead is Stonewashed over white. Middle 2 beads are just Stonewashed and right bead is Stonewashed over clear."
Heather Johnson
"All of the new cloudy transparent glass is so much nicer to work with than the last batch. They are not shocky at all. When I encased Stonewashed over white, it cracked. I put that down to leaving it out of the heat too long before putting it into the kiln. The other colours did not crack when encased over white [except Lake Baikal, another blue]. So if you are going to encase the blues over white be sure to put them directly from flame to kiln, do not allow to cool too much."
Suzy Hannabuss
"The Stonewashed was shocky, but the color! I would happily pick up chunks and pull stringer to get that blue. So I did. I will try annealing the rod and see if that helps."
Lori Peterson
"I love Stonewashed! A little shocky but manageable for me with preheating. No issues with bubbling or scumming. Played nicely with dichroic and silver glass on surface of the bead!"
Terri Herron
"Stonewashed is the perfect name for this glass, it looks just like your favourite pair of denim jeans that have been washed many times and fit like a glove! It's one of their new technology cloudy colours, made by mixing clear glass with coloured pigments and as a result provide us with a beautiful streaky effect glass. When used just on its own, the blue soon builds up and gives the effect of a more solid colour.  If you add it over a small clear core, it allows the light to shine through and the beautiful wispy effects are more apparent. A beautiful glass that will no doubt be a popular addition to many glass studios. This melted without issue, working in a cooler flame is better suited to this type of glass."
Trudi Doherty
"This is a lovely soft blue denim colour, the sort of shade you would only have found in the Bullseye range before. I love the colour. However I found it very shocky to start with. After attempting one bead I put the end of the rod in through the bead door of my kiln. Once the rod was warm it was much easier to use. I did find that I needed to be careful not to over heat the tip of the rod in the flame otherwise I got a bit of bubbling which led to a pale patch on the surface of the bead, but with a bit of care there was no problem. It was necessary to put the end back in the kiln between beads to keep the glass warm."
Josephine Wadman
"A beautiful stonewashed denim hue with a hint of grey that is very subtle. I am not aware of any other colour like this from any other brand. I had forgotten to preheat this colour and found it incredibly shocky when gently introduced in the flame, I lost around 1 inch with shockiness. I then put the rod in the kiln for a few minutes to pre-warm and by doing this I prevented any further issues with shockiness. Once pre-warmed the rod melted beautifully and like butter. It can produce both pale and darker hues depending on volume of layers applied. By building up layers of this glass it will give a more opaque look but with some transparency. I preferred the built up look. It looks incredible with silver glass. Once glass was applied and worked the colour did take on a grey tinge, however once retrieved from the kiln after annealing the grey tinge had disappeared completely."
Juliette Mullett
"Stonewashed was not shocky poppy at all and was easy to blow and shape."
Susan Parry