Messy Color™ Robert E. Ltd Run

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Robert E. Ltd Run (511582)<br />A transparent medium blue with excellent clarity.

A transparent medium blue with excellent clarity.

"Robert E. over DH Electra 2.1." – Hillary Lawson

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CiM Robert E.
Laura Sparling
CiM Robert E.
Pauline Chevalier
CiM Robert E., Effetre lapis, and 24kt gold
Heather Sellers
CiM Robert E.
Trudi Doherty
CiM Robert E.
Joy Munshower
CiM Robert E., Kniphofia, Dollhouse Misty, Scotch Broom, & Effetre green teal as well as a touch of Effetre clear
Susan Parry

CiM Tester Feedback

  • As many of you know, I often name colors as an homage to the special people in my life. Robert E. is named for my beloved Dad.
The story goes, my grandmother didn’t know she’d be giving birth to twins. In this shocked state, she was unable to come up with a middle name so she just gave my Dad the middle initial “E.” I wanted my Dad to know this color was named especially for him and not just random usage of the ubiquitous name Robert/Bob, so I decided to call his favorite color blue “Robert E.”  
Unfortunately some people have mistaken this as a confederate blue and an homage to Robert E. Lee. In retrospect I can easily see the cause for confusion. [Mistakes are always so much clearer in hindsight, aren’t they?] I assure you that I was only thinking of my Dad at the time of naming this color. We at CiM stand proudly and wholeheartedly behind Black Lives Matter. My most sincere apologies for any misundertandings!
  • Testers report that Robert E. is similar in hue to Italian blues but a little more saturated. Testers also reported it is easier to work [no hazing, no fizzing, great clarity].
  • Special thanks to Claudia Eidenbenz for providing the photo in this section.

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"Robert E. is actually a richer cobalt than pictured."
Laurie Nessel
Check out Maria's YouTube demo making an Ocean bead with Robert E.
Maria Schoenenberger
Blown hollows [clockwise: Dollhouse Misty, Robert E., a test batch with aventurine, Solar Storm, Lingonberry, & Pink Pansy].
Laura Bowker
"Robert E. is a lovely medium blue. It’s shown here as spacers, encasing Peace, and over silver foil."
Janet Evans
"I super heated the bead on the tip. No visible difference. No pitting or fizziness."
Jenefer Ham
"Robert E. very much reminds me of CiM Saphhire, just a little lighter, but more on par with Effetre Dark Blue 591056. A really pretty blue. No bubbles or shockiness, just a lovely clean deep blue. Works lovely with silver glass."
Juliette Mullett
"Robert E. is a medium blue in solid bead form. Not shocky. I did incur some scumming. Played nicely with silver glass and goldstone."
Terri Herron
"I found Robert E. to be identical to Effetre Dark Blue Transparent. A great addition to the CiM palette. I made a simple spacer bead. I also made a second bead with a base of Effetre Super Clear. The left side was then encased in Effetre white to represent the opaque, the middle in CiM Marshmallow to represent the translucent, and finally the right remained clear to represent the transparent. Robert E. was then wound onto this bead. This gives the opportunity to see encasement in a variety of common beadmaking situations."
Kim Fields
"Robert E. is a super nice transparent blue and works well over white. A keeper."
Suzanne Cancilla-Fox
"Robert E. speaks for itself, it's a really nice blue! Colour wise it's very similar to both Effetre Mid and Dark blue, but it is SO much nicer to work with. It has a nicer consistency [a tad stiffer] and has no issues with bubbling or shockiness like I had with the Effetre. I could see this one being a go-to blue for many people."
Heather Johnson
"Last up for this glass testing post, I would like to show you what Robert E. looks like as an encasing layer. I have layered it up here over a core of Effetre mid purple." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.
Jolene Wolfe
"CiM has always created such beautiful blues in their color range and Robert E. is no exception. Blue transparent glass pairs well with silver glass so this bead set shows off the versatility of its combination. The barrel bead was created with limited edition Double Helix 2016 handmade murrini from my stash and dots of Psyche silver glass. I varied the dots and patterns with 99% fine silver wire. Each bead was reduced and encased in Double Helix clear Zephyr to capture the creamy blue mother of pearl reactions. The spacer beads are pure Robert E." See more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"Robert E. is a clean, true transparent blue that has a great sparkly clarity to it. No shocking, bubbling or pitting and also was very nice to work with."
Lori Peterson
Left to right: Effetre 056 Bluino Scuro & Robert E. See more of Claudia's color comparisons.
Claudia Eidenbenz
"Robert E. over DH Electra 2.1."
Hillary Lawson
"Robert E. is a transparent medium blue. It’s lighter and brighter than CiM Sapphire. The glass is slightly stiffer to work with than the Effetre transparent blues but it doesn’t haze or fizz like they often do. No shockiness. Robert E. is a very nice colour and a well-behaved glass." Read more at Laura's blog.
Laura Sparling
"Robert E. is a transparent medium blue that worked beautifully by itself when making a blown glass vessel and sculptural bird. I think it’s a beautiful color and have further ideas for its use. However, I didn’t like the way it worked on top of a white blown glass vessel because it wouldn’t flow easily."
Susan Parry
"Robert E. is a delicious shade of blue that I didn't really know I was missing until I saw it. The closest shade that springs to mind is Effetre Dark Blue 056, however Robert E. is more saturated & vibrant .... and that's just looking at it in the rod. As soon as you melt this into even a small bead [my test beads are only 12mm in diameter], the richness of this glass really shines through, and I'd say it was just a touch lighter than royal blue, it's gorgeous. As I love dark blue etched, I just had to see how Robert E. would look, and like the gentleman he is, he didn't disappoint! This melted like a dream, and I had no issues. If blue floats your boat, you're going to want a bit of Robert E. in your collection!"
Trudi Doherty