Messy Color™ Avalon Milky Ltd Run

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Avalon Milky Ltd Run (5114003)<br />A pale blue-green milky opal.

A pale blue-green milky opal.

"Avalon Milky is a pale minty green. Not shocky and no issues with bubbling or scumming. Played nicely with dichroic and silver glass on surface." – Terri Herron

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CiM Avalon Milky
Laura Sparling
CiM Avalon Milky with butterfly murrini by Jackie Gundelfinger
Melanie Graham
CiM Avalon Milky with Val Cox Trackster frit
Darlene Collette
CiM Avalon Milky
Carol Ann Savage
CiM Avalon Milky
Joy Munshower

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Special thanks to Claudia Eidenbenz for the photo in this section.

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"This group featuring Avalon Milky [new personal favorite], Limeade and Beeswax Milky. All of these play very nice and aren't shocky like other semi transparent colors."
Bling Squared Cute Glass
“A luscious translucent jade. Same color as Avalon Misty but denser. Easy to use.”
Laurie Nessel
Check out Maria's YouTube demo making a faux jade bead with Avalon Misty and gold leaf. Here shown: Avalon Milky on left, Avalon Misty on right.
Maria Schoenenberger
"Avalon Misty & Milky are soft, minty, pale green, translucent colours. They melt beautifully, with no bubbles or scumming. These glasses are really only different as regards their opacity, so I feel like it makes sense to post about them together. In general, I typically prefer the misty colours to the milky ones because I enjoy the brightness of them, and this was true for me with Avalon as well. . . . Silver Foil under Avalon turns an odd lemon yellow colour." Read more at Melanie's blog.
Melanie Graham
"Avalon Milky reminds me of the water in the Venetian lagoon, soooo serene! I did experience some shockiness with this glass; it would benefit from a pre-heat before working. Shown here with DH Arke and Hyperion. I got some interesting webbing when using it with the silver glass."
Janet Evans
"I found the neutral color of Avalon Milky makes the perfect backdrop for my floral beads. Soft gentle color, easy to use."
Carol Ann Savage
"These pairs of fish beads were made with Avalon which is a very pale pastel green opal glass. It is available with two levels of opacity. The set with Fremen [light turquoise] fish is made with Avalon Misty. The pair with Oobleck [bright lime green] fish are made with Avalon Milky. It's easy to see the differing levels of translucence between the two as spacers but less easy to tell them apart as larger beads." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.
Jolene Wolfe
"Avalon Milky is a dream! A glorious pale bottle green that gives me all the feels! I worked this glass as I normally do, on the hot side. It didn’t shock, boil, bubble or scum and you gotta love that! It has a great viscosity for hollow beads . . . a bit on the stiff side which makes for good results! In this set I used it with CiM Peppermint Cream, which I feel is a nice complement! All beads are solid Avalon Milky except for the one polka dotted spacer which is encased. The encasing layer brings more transparency to the glass but I feel that it loses its gorgeous color as a result."
Angela Dose
"At first glance, the Misty and Milky colors looked identical. After using them, I found the Milky to be much more intense than the Misty. Both mixes are beautiful. I made a simple spacer bead. I also made a second bead with a base of Effetre Super Clear. The left side was then encased in Effetre white to represent the opaque, the middle in CiM Marshmallow to represent the translucent, and finally the right remained clear to represent the transparent. Avalon Milky was then wound onto this bead. This gives the opportunity to see encasement in a variety of common beadmaking situations.”
Kim Fields
"Avalon Misty & Milky are pleasant colors, not my favorite, but nice. On their own, they have a soft calm color over white. With black stringers, the colors look grey."
Suzanne Cancilla-Fox
"Avalon is a very pale green that comes in a Misty and Milky option. The Misty version is more transparent and the Milky version is more opaque. Both are lovely and both are very easy to work with. No shockiness at all, even without pre-heating. The Misty is on the left and the Milky is on the right. Many, many possibilities with this one. It will go well with so many colours!"
Heather Johnson
"Avalon Milky is a less translucent glass in the same Avalon hue as the Misty version. In this bead test, I sprinkled it with Val Cox Trickster frit. The bead melted smoothly and emerged from the kiln with no cracks. I am so pleased with this successful test! Spacers complete the set." See more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"Avalon Misty and Milky glass testing. Just a gorgeous, subtle tint of blue-green. They are both smooth and buttery to melt and great for sculpture. The Avalon Misty had an opalescent glow that was particularly nice and the milky had just enough pigment to have even the thinner parts read as that lovely pale blue-green. I really enjoyed both of these."
Lori Peterson
"Avalon Misty [shell] and Milky [drops]. This is a really pretty, very pale opal green. It behaved well in the flame, no shockiness or bubbling. I added a little silver foil and frit to the beads being careful to keep an oxygen rich flame as I wanted to avoid any fuming effect and resulting discolouration on the surface. The difference between the misty and milky can clearly be seen in the beads."
Josephine Wadman
Left to right: Sea Glass, Avalon Milky, Avalon Misty, & Lady of the Lake. See more of Claudia's color comparisons.
Claudia Eidenbenz
"I have pictured Avalon with Lady of the Lake and Sea Glass as these were the closest colours. It is lighter than these two. A lovely soft misty/milky green."
Suzy Hannabuss
"More delightful misty & milky colours. Avalon is a glorious pale shade of green that lends towards a blue ice tone. The colour builds up noticeably more in the milky version, while the misty has a more ethereal effect. Both gorgeous! I am imagining these etched to look like seaglass. Now I need to go and play some more!"
Trudi Doherty
"Avalon Milky is a pale minty green. Not shocky and no issues with bubbling or scumming. Played nicely with dichroic and silver glass on surface."
Terri Herron
"Avalon Milky was a tiny bit bubbly but that’s pretty standard with a lot of these translucent glasses. No shocking or scumminess, though. The picture shows an Avalon Milky [left] bead next to an Avalon Misty bead [right] so you can see their differing opacities and that ethereal opal-like flash of the misty version." Read more at Laura's blog.
Laura Sparling
"What it says on the tin, Avalon Milky is less translucent than Misty, but not opaque." Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson