Messy Color™ Lady of the Lake Ltd Run

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Lady of the Lake Ltd Run (511498)<br />A pale green milky opal that stays translucent after annealing- same hue as Sea Glass.

A pale green milky opal that stays translucent after annealing- same hue as Sea Glass.

A comparison of greens. – Olga Ivashina

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CiM Lady of the Lake
Gloria Sevey
CiM Lady of the Lake
Joy Munshower
CiM Lady of the Lake
Juliette Mullett
CiM Lady of the Lake
Laura Sparling

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Lady of the Lake is a pale green milky opal that stays translucent after annealing; its misty opal counterpart is Sea Glass.
The photo to the right shows Sea Glass on the left and Lady of the Lake on the right. The difference is subtle but it is there. Read more at Laura's blog. – Laura Sparling
  • Special thanks to Laura Sparling & Claudia Eidenbenz for providing the photos in this section.

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Left to right: Sea Glass, Lady of the Lake. See more of Claudia’s color comparisons.
Claudia Eidenbenz
A comparison of greens.
Olga Ivashina
"All of these colors melted beautifully! I had no shocking and no pitting or boiling. As you can see from the photos another happy surprise was almost zero reaction with fine silver .999. In my experience, turquoise colors can have organic reactions to silver but these colors remained true. Some of these colors are colors that have the same base batch but are split into two and one will remain a misty opal [more transparent] and one will remain a milky opal [more opaque]. Witches' Brew & Lovebirds, Avonlea & Shamrock, and Sea Glass & Lady Of The Lake are all examples of these pairings. Basically all of these colors have a place in my heart and the 104 line. The subtle changes in the transparency and hues is like having an unlimited paint palette in glass! These colors also lend a range of saturations depending on whether they are layered with bases of clear or white. All of the photos were straight color to show true outcomes. The only exception is Avonlea which I felt might not show the black line art so that is over white."
Michelle Veizaga
"Besides having a beautiful name, Lady of the Lake is another lovely misty green that is the palest of the new opal greens."
Gloria Sevey
"Lady of the Lake is a pale green opal that remains translucent, here decorated with Val Cox Geneva glass frit. I did find the glass a bit shocky, but warming it in the kiln a bit prior to introducing it to the flame worked perfectly. Spacers are solid Lady of the Lake." Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"They are all such beautiful colours. I have to say I really love the misty opals the best. They have a lovely glimmer inside. So my preference would be Sea Glass, Nymph and Ice Mint but how is one to decide? They are all so beautiful!"
Suzy Hannabuss
"These are on the paler end of the new minty greens from CiM! Lady Of the Lake is a translucent opal, and Sea Glass is the misty opal counterpart. Both gorgeous and fresh. I'm loving that all the new translucent opals stay translucent, it makes them very special indeed, and the misty opals really do glow sofly, what's not to love!"
Trudi Doherty
"Another stunning misty sea green opal, this colour is just incredible, I could look at the beads I made with this all day long and never be bored. Screams regal elegance. Similar to Sea Glass, a bit paler in its hue."
Juliette Mullett
"Be still my beating heart! In this new batch of colours, there are some beautiful fresh minty greens. They kinda go in pairs as CiM has made some misty opals and coordinating opals that stay translucent. I've pictured them all together so that you can easily compare them!"
Trudi Doherty
"Lady of the Lake is the same hue as Sea Glass but it is more translucent, without the ethereal misty opal quality that Sea Glass has. Again, it was a very nice glass to work with but it was fussy when it came to adding stringer. I totally expected this as a lot of the CiM opals absolutely hate stringer." Read more at Laura's blog.
Laura Sparling