Messy Color™ Mantis Ltd Run

511472 -

Mantis Ltd Run (511472)<br />A vibrant lime green misty opal- same hue as Eclectus Parrot.

A vibrant lime green misty opal- same hue as Eclectus Parrot.

A comparison of CiM greens. – Marcy Lamberson

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CiM Mantis
Gloria Sevey
CiM Mantis with DH OX459
Darlene Collette
CiM Mantis
Jolene Wolfe

Messy Tester's Feedback

  • Mantis is a response to many color requests for various shades of lime greens in varying degrees of translucency.
Mantis is a bright medium apple green. All of the new opals and misty opals fill holes in the 104 palette. – Caroline Davis
  • Special thanks to Pati Walton for providing the photo in this section.

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A comparison of CiM greens.
Suzy Hannabuss
"Mantis is a vibrant lime green misty opal that pairs with silver glass to create a perfect spring look. Double Helix’s OX459 emerald green lustre reduces to shines of gold, blue, green and rose." Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"Mantis and Eclectus Parrot are another matching pair. The Mantis is the misty opal [bottom] and the Eclectus Parrot is the translucent [top]. Definitely a winner here." Read more at DragonJools' blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
A comparison of CiM greens.
Marcy Lamberson
"Mantis is my favorite of the greens. It’s a lovely misty opal when made into a simple bead and becomes mistier the longer it’s worked. There are no melting or bubbling issues."
Gloria Sevey
A comparison of CiM greens.
Laura Sparling
"Mantis is a happy lime green transparent with a subtle hint of opal. The candy color should come with a warning: 'Not for consumption' because it looks delicious. The vivid color is on par with Inchworm, however a hint lighter in nature. No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing."
Heather Sellers
"Mantis with CiM Lapis stringer and Fremen dots. Mantis is the misty opal sister to Eclectus Parrot. It is the most misty of the misty opals and I do love it. It behaves so well, as all of the new opal and misty opals do."
Caroline Davis
"Mantis gives what CiM calls a misty opal look - a barely there opal quality that seems to give these leaves an apparent luminescence. Here are some heart beads showing a direct comparison between how the light travels through both Mantis [on the left] & Eclectus Parrot [on the right]." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.
Jolene Wolfe
"Poison Apple, Wheatgrass, Eclectus Parrot, Mantis, Ectoplasm, and Budgerigar all melted smoothly with no shockiness or bubbles. They bring some beautiful new colors to the 104 palette. I am loving the new translucents and misty opals. These are great and don’t bubble and boil like some of the alabasters and opalinos."
Paula Schertz
"There are a lot of greens in this new batch of colours and many of them are opals. Mantis is a vibrant green and it has a slight misty opalness to it. You can see faint wisps of mistiness in the spacers but its subtle translucency is more apparent in the heart bead which was worked for much longer in the flame. Mantis melted well with no shockiness, bubbles or scumming. This photograph was taken indoors in natural daylight." Read more at Laura's tumblr.
Laura Sparling
"Mantis is a new misty opal from CiM, and if you like your greens bright then this will be one for you. This melted with no issues at all and has a normal viscosity. This is so pretty I just let it sing with the addition of some colourful raku frit. This stays translucent, but with a slight misty haze. A joy to work with, and I look forward to working with this glass more to see how it looks layered over other colours!"
Trudi Doherty
"This really is a lovely fresh, almost aloe vera green with a slight foggy but semi translucent inner appearance that appears to glow from within. Very pretty."
Juliette Mullett