Messy Color™ Sacre Bleu Ltd Run

511555 -

Sacre Bleu Ltd Run (511555)<br />A bright transparent blue.

A bright transparent blue.

"Sacre Bleu is a transparent Winsor blue. The rich color exhibits jewel-like tones similar to that of a precious sapphire. Very similar to the now unavailable Royal, but with the slightest hint of regal violet. No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing." Read more at Heather's blog. – Heather Sellers

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CiM Sacre Bleu
Darlene Collette
CiM Sacre Bleu
Amy Hall
CiM Sacre Bleu
Kandice Seeber
CiM Sacre Bleu
Chris Haussler
Half of these Sacre Bleu hoops have been tumbled etched with silicon carbide grit in a rock tumbler to give them a sea glass finish.
Jolene Wolfe
CiM Sacre Bleu
Melanie Graham

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Sacre Bleu was engineered in an attempt to replace [now sold out] Neon Blue, which was a uniquely luminous transparent blue.
A lovely shade of blue and a great addition to the 104 palette! – Trudi Doherty
It is a new color to the 104 palette. It is similar to Azure, Neon Blue, Royal, Intense Blue, and Cobalt Blue, but the saturation of each is just a bit different. – Paula Schertz
Sacre Bleu is a vibrant dark blue that falls somewhere between Neon Blue and cobalt blue. – Gloria Sevey
Sacre Bleu is a really close match for Neon Blue Ltd Run which came out in early 2014. – Jolene Wolfe
It is similar to Effetre intense blue but Sacre Bleu is a little more intense. – Caroline Davis
"Sacre Bleu is very intense - even more so than Effetre Intense Blue or CiM's other cobalt blues called Neon Blue and Royal. Sacre Bleu is probably closest to Royal, in my opinion, but if you put all four rod colors together, you might have a hard time telling the difference. It's a bit lighter and less intense than Effetre's long-standing basic Cobalt glass." Read more at Kandice's blog. – Kandice Seeber
"Here, you can see that although Sacre Bleu is essentially the same colour as Effetre Intense Blue, it's just a bit more saturated, works up darker. It's not quite as dark or as saturated as Effetre Cobalt, but its reactions are more similar to that colour." Read more at Melanie's blog. – Melanie Graham
Sacre Bleu is about the same hue and saturation as Effetre Intense Blue, but I found it nicer to work, not bubbling at all. – Melanie Graham
  • Sacre Bleu is difficult to photograph.
"Sacre Bleu is an easy glass to use and love, but it is a bit hard to photograph. Like all cobalt shades, this one shows up lighter and less intense in pictures, and it takes some photo-editing to get it even close to the vivid deep shade of blue it is in real life." Read more at Kandice's blog. – Kandice Seeber
  • Special thanks to Amy Hall (x2), Trudi Doherty, Claudia Eidenbenz, & Melanie Graham for providing the photos in this section.

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"These beads use CiM Baked Alaska with fine silver swirls with CiM Sacre Bleu skies! That glittery moon is Double Helix Aurae. The blue is stunning in person and the beads found a home with a happy customer very quickly." Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"CiM Sacre Bleu is a gorgeous, vibrant, dark blue transparent. It's buttery to work, and its only real vulnerable spot is that it can be a little bit vulnerable to sooting if you work it too hot. It's interestingly reactive, it makes a nice base for silver glass, and just a beautiful colour of blue." Read more at Melanie's blog.
Melanie Graham
"Sacre Bleu is a transparent rich royal blue. It’s not as saturated as Effetre’s transparent Cobalt 060 and the closest thing to it I’ve ever used has been Effetre’s Intense Blue from many moons ago. Sacre Bleu melts really nicely and it’s not as stiff as Effetre’s Cobalt. No shockiness or bubbling." Read more at Laura's tumblr.
Laura Sparling
"Sacre Bleu was very easy to use - only slightly stiff, but melts smoothly and evenly. It layers extremely well, with no feathering, bleeding, spreading, pitting, etc. I also didn't have any problems with the rods shocking." Read more at Kandice's blog.
Kandice Seeber
"It is another beautiful transparent blue aptly named as Sacre Bleu Ltd Run described as a bright luminous blue and it does not disappoint! If you like this color, I suggest that you order some quickly before it sells out! I tested it with lots of 99% fine silver wire and Double Helix silver infused Kronos frit. The encasing to capture the silver glass reactions was done with Double Helix Aether clear glass." Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"I dare you not to say the name of this glass in your head without a crazy french accent. It is impossible I cannot do it! This is a beautiful middle blue glass. I used it as a base for these wings, it made a gorgeous base for the luster I used. Sacre Bleu melts beautifully with no shocking or bubbling."
Caroline Davis
Left to right: Neon Blue, Royal, Sacre Bleu. See more of Claudia's work.
Claudia Eidenbenz
"I've enjoyed playing with this rich royal blue transparent, it is such a pretty colour. The real big difference with this glass and other transparent blue glass colours that I have worked with before is just how very well behaved it is in a hot flame. There was no boiling, scumming or micro-bubbles at all. These floral hearts are made with a solid Sacre Bleu and decorated with twistie cane petals." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass's blog.
Jolene Wolfe
"This transparent blue from CiM - a replacement for the Neon Blue, is a beautiful, beautiful shade of blue, and exactly, EXACTLY, I say, matches the new colour that Swarovski is launching this spring called 'Majestic Blue.'" Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
"Sacre Bleu melted smoothly with no shockiness or bubbles. It is a gorgeous blue color. It was so pretty on both the Peace and the Dark Ivory. It looked about the shade of cornflower blue on the Peace and more of a light royal blue on the Dark Ivory. With Kalera’s Romance frit it created a nice organic colored bead. With silver foil and the Dancing Dreamer Frit the bead is stunning, what a great base with silver foil for Dancing Dreamer."
Paula Schertz
"Sacre Bleu is a transparent Winsor blue. The rich color exhibits jewel-like tones similar to that of a precious sapphire. Very similar to the now unavailable Royal, but with the slightest hint of regal violet. No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing." Read more at Heather's blog.
Heather Sellers
"CiM describes this as a bright transparent blue, and I can't disagree. At first glance I thought this may have been very close to Effetre Cobalt, but Sacre Bleu is a brighter colour, and is comparable to Bristol Blue Glass [Google it]. The difference is more obvious in daylight, but in your studio with Diddys on you could mistake them. A fuss free colour, easy to work. The Peace dots [shown over Foam] do have slight rings inside them, but the edges were crisp. The silvered ivory stringer sits nicely with no reactions."
Trudi Doherty
"Sacre Bleu hardly etched at all." [Middle strand shown here was etched.]
Amy Hall