Messy Color™ Troll Ltd Run

511455 -

Troll Ltd Run (511455)<br />An opaque gray green.

An opaque gray green.

Check out Maria's YouTube demo making an apple with a worm in it using CiM Firecracker & Troll. – Maria Schoenenberger

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Messy Troll
Heather Sellers
CiM Troll
Sandy Fulbrook
Messy Troll
Heather Kelly
CiM Troll
Tammy Mercier
CiM Troll
Gloria Sevey
Messy Troll and Hemoglobin
Kaz Baildon

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Check out Maria's YouTube demo making an apple with a worm in it using CiM Firecracker & Troll.
Maria Schoenenberger
"Troll is a very opaque gray with a hint of green. I love the contrast of very neutral colors with metallic or iridescent effects so I rolled the drops in Mica powder to give them a pearlescent sheen. The barnacles on top are made with Italian glass. The overall effect is an iridescent green-gray pearl. A lovely soft color that has some great undertones that are true to nature."
Alexis Berger
A comparison of various CiM etched greens.
Heike Loos
"Troll is closely related to CiM’s Olive, however this mellow opaque glass exhibits a hint of blue. Shapes with ease. No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing."
Heather Sellers
"Resting in my hand is Troll. Above it to the left is CiM Duck Egg. Above and to the right is Effetre Copper Green - with it's distinctive metallic sheen. The Troll and the Copper Green are very close in color - Troll is a smidge bluer, I think, but does not have the metallic development. I can't speak to it's other reactive properties." Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
"I wanted to really test it against silver, so I created some beads with a coating of 99% fine silver foil and a sprinkling of my handblended Pendragonfyre frit. Normally I would tumble etch these beads, but they are pretty with the gloss finish. My frit has rare purple rose mixed with raku and a few extra ingredients that when layered on silver foil brings out the micro-dots of silver in veined patterns and the rich tones of purple, magenta and blue." Read more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"Troll is a soft opaque green that you might use if you were looking for an earthy colour. The closest comparison is Olive, but you can see that it has more blue grey tones . . . so quite an exciting colour addition. It melted with no problems, but I did see that my silvered ivory went quite dark, as did the french vanilla frit . . . so I suspect that the more you play with it, the more reactions you might find!"
Trudi Doherty
"Troll is a muted, soft, desaturated greyish green, or possibly a greenish grey. It's a well behaved opaque that frankly looks like more of a bluer green grey than these pictures look on my monitor, but as always - your mileage may vary." Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
"Troll is an opaque muted grey-green that is not unlike various of CiM's other colours, but is still a type I like and find useful. It does strike greener than it appears on the rod, which is more of a blue grey." Read more at Heather's blog.
Heather Kelly
"Troll is a medium green that is a little grey-ish in tone, without the yellow undertones that would make it more of an olive. There's no other color like it in the 104 coe palette that I know of, which makes me happy." Read more at Kandice's blog.
Kandice Seeber
"Troll is a grey toned opaque green that looks wonderful teamed up with light pastel shades. It puts me in mind of a glass called Kermit [SPL1000] which was a one off CoE 104 colour run from Reichenbach that was available in 2014 and is now near impossible to find." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.
Jolene Wolfe