Messy Color™ Boysenberry Ltd Run

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Boysenberry Ltd Run (511619)<br />A dense and saturated purple moonstone.

A dense and saturated purple moonstone.

"Boysenberry is a very cool dark purple, I like the color when I put the bead into the light. On white it is perfect for a dark purple effect!" – Pauline Chevalier

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Amy Hall
CiM Boysenberry
Pauline Chevalier
Clear core with Boysenberry
Heather Kelly
CiM Boysenberry over white
Suzy Hannabuss
Boysenberry Ltd Run
Jolene Wolfe
Heather Sellers

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Boysenberry was engineered in response to color requests for a purple moonstone.
  • Special thanks to Jolene Wolfe, Heather Sellers, & Heather Kelly for providing the photos in this section.

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"Boysenberry is a very cool dark purple, I like the color when I put the bead into the light. On white it is perfect for a dark purple effect!"
Pauline Chevalier
"Boysenberry is a dense and saturated purple moonstone glass. This focal big hole bead is a base of Boysenberry on which Double Helix Kronos 2 powder was generously added and stormed Double Helix Clio swirled. A layer of 99% fine silver foil was added and the bead was encased in Zephyr to capture the reactions. I added Boysenberry to each end and hand formed it into a barrel shape. The surface decoration is Double Helix Helios for a golden shine when reduced. The spacers are also Boysenberry." See more at Darlene's blog.
Darlene Collette
"This weekend, I revisited Boysenberry. The lush journey was a great reminder of how this CiM berry color is incredibly versatile. The glass holds edges through repeated heating and flame polishing. The rich, juicy color perfectly sets the stage for vibrant enameling and a glint of 24kt gold. Definitely on my list of top 10 favorite CiM Purples!"
Heather Sellers
"This is a transparent and stays a transparent when torched and kilned. I compared Boysenberry to Simply Berry and Gypsy and Boysenberry is more reddish purple than either of those."
Gloria Sevey
"Boysenberry again doesn’t etch well, and is really dark when used as spacers. You can still tell they’re purple rather than black, but only just. It’s a good berry colour." Read more at Heather's blog.
Heather Kelly
“Initially, the rod appears transparent in nature, however the saturation of color intensifies in the flame to create an opaque deep plum. Unlike many transparent glass rods, the glass flows with ease. The intensity of the juicy color is easily apparent when placed in line with Grape Ape & Thai Orchid.”
Heather Sellers