Messy Color™ Lipstick Ltd Run

511140 - Sold Out

Lipstick Ltd Run (511140)<br />An opaque brick red.

An opaque brick red.

“Stringer of Lipstick on Peace and heat and gravity used to move around on base.  Areas of brownish red, red, and coral . . . “ – Leslie Anne Bitgood

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Messy Liptick, sis, goldstone, Vetrofond black, Moretti sage green
Gail Witt
Lipstick & Canyon de Chelly
Kevan Aponte
Messy Lipstick, Genger, & Creamsicle with various effetre colors
Bonnie Polinski
Messy Lipstick & silvered ivory stringer
Pat O'Brien
Messy Lipstick, Peace, Creamsicle, & dark ivory
Lori Bergmann
Messy Lipstick, Sepia, & dichro
Patricia Frantz

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Testers report that Lipstick shifts in color depending on the type of lighting.
"Lipstick is a nice shade of brown and we are always looking for good browns. I think you should have it under both red AND brown. But if I had to pick only one category to put it in, I would actually vote for you to put it under brown." [Note: Lipstick is currently categorized as a red.] – Bethany Lemasters
  • Lipstick is a unique color in the 104 glass color palette.
DragonJools blog compares Moretti 654 Brown Rock to Messy Lipstick.
"Lipstick is a beautiful dark brown/red and there isn't any existing color that comes close. It's such a pretty color that works well for me with fall and winter colors for my bracelets." – Gail Witt
  • Special thanks to Elasia (x3), Genea Crivello-Knable, Teri Wathan, Pat O'Brien & Gail Witt for providing the photos in this section.

Lipstick and Effetre Cobalt were the bases for Darlene Collette’s DH Aurae scrollwork.   
Darlene Collette made patriotic beads with Lipstick, pearl grey, and blue aventurine filigrana.
Darlene Collette used a base of Lipstick with intense black, ASK Silver Cinnamon, and goldstone.
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Learn how to make Santa Baby murrini with Peace and Unique Lipstick in Kaz Baildon’s tutorial in the October 2013 issue of the Soda Lime Times.
Kaz Baildon
“Lipstick, dark sky blue, and effetre yellow pastel shards on black base. Very southwest looking. The Lipstick and yellow combine into each other.”
Leslie Anne Bitgood
“Shards of dark ivory, Lipstick, and dark sky blue. The Lipstick reacted with the dark ivory and became a dark brown. I like the effect.”
Leslie Anne Bitgood
“Stringer of Lipstick on Peace and heat and gravity used to move around on base.  Areas of brownish red, red, and coral . . . “
Leslie Anne Bitgood
Unique Desert Pink & Sepia with a silvered Lipstick center.
Carol Oliver
Lipstick & Double Helix Ekho.
Carol Oliver
“Lipstick and Copper Green have a reciprocal dark line reaction.” See more Lipstick tests including Lipstick with silver glass, Tuxedo, opal yellow, ivory, and white at Melanie’s blog.
Melanie Graham
"I have blogged this colour before. I whined about how it was hard to get the colour to show accurately on the monitor. . . It's a freakin' colour change glass. Doh!" Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
"Lipstick is an excellent base for silver striking glasses – colors strike easily and are vibrant on Lipstick."
Carol Oliver