Messy Color™ Simply Berry

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Simply Berry (511618)<br />An intense transparent purple.

An intense transparent purple.

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Melanie uses Simply Berry frit in her blend "Bougainvillea." See more of her 104 compatible FrittyBits blends. – Melanie Graham

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Messy Simply Berry
Sarah Hornik
Messy Simply Berry
Claire Morris
CiM Simply Berry
Debora Cox
Messy Simply Berry over Peace
Terri Budrow-Nelson
CiM Simply Berry
Jean Daniels
Messy Simply Berry
Leslie Anne Bitgood

CiM Tester Feedback

  • Testers report that Simply Berry is unique to the 104 palette and is redder/pinker than other 104 transparent purples.
"It is more saturated, a rich wonderful purple. The Italian purples do not have as much luminosity." – Angela Hadorn
"It is a beautiful color. It is much better than other purples. The color is just better." – Chris Haussler
"It's very close to Effetre 042 medium purple. But Simply Berry is much more purple. If compared closely, Simply Berry is better." – Elasia
"This is the most amazing purple/amethyst glass available. It is so much smoother to melt and the color is so intense. I love it!" – Gail Witt
"I think Simply Berry is a unique color among all of the 104 purples. It has a deep red undertone instead of just a straight purple color. I have never seen another purple quite like it. It is one of my favorite glass colors!" – Kathy Coon
"Effetre Dark Amethyst and Simply Berry were identical visually in rod form and bead form. I liked the Effetre better because it was not stiff and worked better in the flame for me." – Lorraine Chandler
"Simply Berry is a bit cooler and redder at the same time. Italian amethysts have something like a brown shade in them. I also like its density." – Maija-Leena Autio
"I love the pinker cast to its hue." – Marcy Lamberson
"It's stiffer, slightly pinker and way shinier! I love it." – Laura Sparling
"Simply Berry is not quite as grape purple as Lauscha." – Teri Yount
"Simply Berry has a more reddish hue in it, rather than a blue one." – Lori Bergmann
  • Testers report that Simply Berry shifts in color depending on the type of lighting.
  • Special thanks to Elasia, Genea Crivello-Knable, & Maija-Leena Autio for providing the photos in this section.

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Amy Houston used Simply Berry with opal yellow, Val Cox's Enchanted frit, and transparent dark lavender.
Genea Crivello made vortex flower pendants with Cranberry Pink, Simply Berry & Blush.
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Darlene Collette used Heffalump, Mermaid, Simply Berry & DH Aurae for a watercolor effect.  
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"Neutral flame. A little farther up in the flame gives a nice melt with no bubbles for stringer work. The more glass the deeper the colour. A cooler purple, truer to Amethyst. Spacers at top left to right- Your Majesty, Effetre Medium Purple, Dark Purple."
Jean Daniels
Melanie uses Simply Berry frit in her blend "Bougainvillea." See more of her 104 compatible FrittyBits blends.
Melanie Graham
"Simply Berry is a dark transparent amethyst - with a bit more 'oomph' than the Effetre Medium Transparent Purple. Here we have, Simply Berry on the left, and Effetre Medium Transparent Purple [042] on the right. In real life - the Simply Berry looks more saturated in colour, and less like 'just really dark.'"  Read more at DragonJools blog.
Dwyn Tomlinson
Simply Berry over Dirty Martini.
Yulia Trubitsyna
"This bead has an opal yellow core, encased with Simply Berry, then striped with Aurae and some Opal Yellow/Nero Intenso twistie. The murrini is opal yellow/Simply Berry/DH Aurae."
Jolene Wolfe
"In this image I shot light through the backs of the purples to demonstrate more of their color. When photographed flat against a surface these purples look almost black. You can see that Eggplant is a very dense opal/translucent color and that Simply Berry is a very beautiful reddish violet."
Genea Crivello
"I was worried that the Simply Berry would be too dark on its own, but it’s actually really pretty. It looks good layered over ivory as well.  The darker purple beads in this set are Simply Berry."  See more of Amy's beads made with Simply Berry.
Amy Hall
"Simply Berry in its original form worked out really nicely as a layering color - a pretty, slightly less brown/pink than the Effetre Amethyst." Read more at Kandice's blog.
Kandice Seeber
Bonnie made twisties with a base color rolled in silver leaf, with thin stringers of intense black. She used effetre light brown as a base for the beads. "The Simply Berry twistie on the left reduced to soft blues, grays and purples. The Rubino Oro twistie on the right reduced to yellows and greens. Both stringers spread across the superheated base bead."
Bonnie Polinski