Messy Color™ Aiko Glow in the Dark

511468G -

Aiko Glow in the Dark (511468G)<br />An experiment at making glow-in-the-dark glass rods with our color Aiko.

An experiment at making glow-in-the-dark glass rods with our color Aiko.


Messy Tester's Feedback

  • Aiko with glow in the dark frit.
This is our first attempt at making glow in the dark rods. During/after production, many of the rods broke. We found it difficult to maintain our standard 13 inch / 33 cm length.
We shipped the few surviving full length rods to our testers. Many on our testing team have asked for glow glass - it has been lacking in 104 compatible glass. Many testers loved this glass, despite reports of extreme shockiness. We were strongly encouraged by our team to sell the remaining rods even as shorts. Note: Some testers loved the testing rods but struggled with their purchased rods; experiences seem to vary on a rod to rod basis.       
**Please note that rods will not be the standard lengths you have come to expect from CiM. We also recommend pre-warming / pre-annealing.** We’d appreciate any feedback you have on the glow in the dark glass, as we plan to strive for improvement the next time we produce.
"We have been missing glow in the dark glass in COE 104! Glow glass in any COE tends to be super shocky and fragile until it's actually in the liquid form. Once you make something with it, the glow lasts and lasts. Preheating the rods or even annealing them prior to use can help with the fragility and ease some of the challenges at the torch. Ultimately, the end results are always worth the little extra effort involved."  -Sheri Spurlock / Melt Glass Art Supply
"I LOVELOVELOVE the glow in the dark glass! Swooooon! Easy melting and lots of glow that's quickly activated by light. Great add to the 104 palette of colors!" [Later Joy wrote that her second testing was intolerably shocky; please note that experiences seem to vary on a rod to rod basis.] – Joy Munshower
"I had no trouble with any glass rods that you sent me. Even Glow-in-the-dark melted quite good." – Claudia Eidenbenz
"The glow glass shatters with the least heat and I was only able to wrap a small spacer from the first 1/3 of the rod with most of that 1/3 ending up on the table." – Melanie Graham
"With my new method of melting by slowly introducing the glass way up above the flame and then slowly moving down, I had no shocking. I made a couple of rounds and a drum with absolutely no difficulty and they glow very nicely." – Gloria Sevey
"This Glow in the Dark glass was such a pleasure to work with! The beautiful aqua blue glow was very strong and made for a great effect! The glass melted very easily and was not shocky at all. This glass creates a really cool silhouette look when adding black decoration on the bead. A great addition to the 104 line!" – Michelle Veizaga
"The glow in the dark rods break if you look at them wrong. And you can literally snap them with your fingers with almost no effort. The glow bits in the rods are rather large and I think the breaking happens where there are more of them. I did look at them through a polariscope and did not see any stress." – JameyLynn

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