Messy Color™ Desert Pink

511957 -

Desert Pink (511957)<br />An opaque pastel pink.

An opaque pastel pink.

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Silver infused Desert Pink shards by Jolene Wolfe.

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Messy Desert Pink & Clear with raku & goldstone
Sue Stewart
Messy Desert Pink, Creamsicle, & Cranberry Pink -2
Lori Bergmann
Messy Desert Pink
Kevan Aponte
Desert Pink, Crocus and Heffalump
Deb Crowley
Messy Desert Pink
Yulia Trubitsyna
Peace, Gunmetal, Desert Pink
Kari Chittenden

Messy Tester's Feedback

  • Desert Pink is a soft opaque pink.
  • Some testers reported that Desert Pink shifts in color depending on the type of lighting.
  • Special thanks to Elasia for providing the photos in this section.

Carol Tannahill made a bracelet with Desert Pink & Cranberry Pink tabular beads.
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"I used Desert Pink for the flesh tone. Love, love, love it for the 'glossy-porcelain dolly face' look it gives. It is beautiful for my dollies."
Maureen McRorie
"Desert Pink with rubino oro accents developed a butterscotchy / black reaction line."
Patricia Frantz
Desert Pink with layered dots of Effetre Dark Ivory, and also with DH Aurae and KA-357.
Darlene Collette
"Desert Pink is a good base for DH Kalypso."
Pat O'Brien
"I’m going to use that instead of Effetre’s pastel pink from now on – the Desert Pink is just proper, shiny pink! I love it."
Laura Sparling
"Desert Pink is very reactive with silver, which I really like. Depending on what colour you use it with, and how much you strike it, it ranges from a soft, powder pink to a slightly darker version of itself with purple overtones." Read more about Desert Pink at Melanie's blog, including reducing, reactions with silver, Copper Green, Tuxedo, opal yellow, ivory, and white.
Melanie Graham
Silver infused Desert Pink shards by Jolene Wolfe.  View more of Jolene's work.  
Jolene Wolfe